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Kaine's Journal!

A lions view of the world^^,

Hi:) My name is Kaine, and i'm the beloved bipolar lion from Norway^^, (And /damn/ proud of it!)

I enjoy learning how to draw, and... Uhmm... Lots of other stuff?:s Anyway, if there's anything at all you feel like you /need/ to know about me, just ask me^^, I'm actually kinda friendly at times, and i won't kill you if you try and talk to me:p Hehe, Nah, just kidding. Get too close, and i'll maul you and leave you to die. Just give it a try^^, *Drools, and quickly wipes it away before you notice*:p


Other interests: Cars(The bigger, the better:p), Music, Animals (Especcially Tigers!! But other big felines are on my fav list too:).

I don't have that many interests actually... You'll just have to accept me as i come:p *If we get along, my other interests will reveal themselves to you automaticly:p*




- Hit on me, and i will kill you.

- Speak English to me, or i will kill you.

- Bother me when i'm sleeping, and i will kill you.

And lastly : I'm not forcing you to be my friend, so if you have a problem with how i do stuff and/or what i write, then you can always remove me as a friend, or NOT add me to your own list to begin with!